DELL LATITUDE D630 laptop review


i had been using Dell D600 laptop computer for 3 years, it was a good stable computer suit for business.
last Monday, i booked several computer from DELL, this monday they arrived in the office, amoung them, there 3 DELL D630 laptop computers.

A lot of people criticise online that the Dell D630 does not have good aprearance, the look never change, but i found the collor and sharpe were change at some degree. now it looks more formal. much better than the old model.

together with Windows vista business edition, the Dell D603 works very well. runs fast. the Windows experience rating is at 3.5.

configuration: the Dell D630 that i bought comes with Dell 360 wireless bluetooth, DVDRW, Intel core due T7250 CPU, 2GB RAM,120GB harddisk,Intel 3945ABG wireless and Broadcom NetXtreme 57xx gigabit network. 1280x600 display. a bag/mouse/2GB usb stick.

Price: it cost us 10,000.00RMB /each with 3 years 7x24 ProSupport service. reasonable.

the display looks good, but 2 of the 3 D630 that i bought has defect. 1 of them even can't work, so i called DELL to repaire.

the mouse come with the computer have 2 extra bottom, namely backward and forward. its good, but the left bottom and the right bottom is lot harder than usual, my finger i found a tranditional Dell mouse to replace.

there seems only 1 speaker, which located at the left side of the battery, the design seems not good, the audio is much worse than my home laptop computer HP Compaq V3000.

the main defect of this laptop is it lack of a SD/MMC card reader, this is very incovinient nowdays.

amoung all, i think this D630 laptop computer is kind of my favorite business computer. while i prefer HP Compaq V3000 when chosing a home entertainment computer. after listen to the Dell D630 poor audio. i found the audio performance of HP Compaq V3000 is extreamly wonderfull.